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Super Dad hacks video game for his daughter

It's not surprising when a father-daughter relationship results in the latter having the former wrapped around her little finger.

What is surprising about Mike Hoye and daughter Maya's relationship is the lengths that dad goes to show his affection.

Hoye, a tech entrepreneur from Toronto, is being called the ultimate video game-hacking Super Dad, who transforms famed game heroes into game heroines.  

As our colleagues at NBCNews.com's InGame report:

Hoye has been playing the beloved video game "Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker" with his daughter Maya. She is three-and-half years old (or as she likes to say, "fweee"). And "Wind Waker" is currently her favorite game.

But if you're not familiar with the "Legend of Zelda" games or "Wind Waker," then know this: The protagonist in this grand action-adventure is Link. And Link is a boy. Except when he isn't — which is when he's in Hoye's house.

You see, Hoye has hacked the famed Nintendo game and given Link ... well ... a sex change. 

Hoye told InGame that he was inspired to change the gender roles because he realized his daughter loved to imagine herself as the hero. So, he feminized all the references to Link in the game by modifying code.  Now, as text unfolds, "he" is she; "my lad" is "milady."

Oh, the things a Pop will do for his princess.