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50 Shades of onesies: Adult themes grace baby clothes

Stephanie Beech / Etsy

Baby clothes used to be adorned with innocent images of ducks and frogs. Now, they’re just as likely to reflect a more adult sensibility. As the due dates for the "Fifty Shades of Grey" baby boomers near, a slew of Fifty Shades-inspired onesies have sprung up to clothe all of these greybies. 

Just because a baby’s too young to crawl, let alone read a steamy, S&M novel, is seemingly no reason they can’t proudly display a onesie proclaiming “9 months ago, my mom read Fifty Shades of Grey” or “Laters, Baby.” Yes, the sexy trilogy was a runaway hit – but is it appropriate to clad wee ones in references to what many call soft-core porn?

When parenting blog TheStir reported on the 50 Shades of onesies phenomenon, commenters had mixed reactions. “I'm all for putting your babies in random, funny onesies but this is just ridiculous. please, no,” posted "dirtiekittie." However others, like poster Lzabierek, were all for it, writing, “I would have my son wear one or two of these! :) I think some of them are so cute!” 

Of course, Fifty isn’t the only grown-up entertainment to find its way onto a baby’s back. A quick browse through Etsy and other sites reveals a host of kidswear inspired by adult books and TV shows. 

More of a Walking Dead fan? As Entertainment Weekly first reported, your baby can share your love for zombie drama on a onesie. While the outfit itself isn’t so bad, the accompanying photo of an adorable baby clutching a doll’s severed head and bloody body might be a bit disturbing. 

For those who prefer to sink their teeth into vampire stories, followers of HBO’s hit show "True Blood" have a host of onesie options sure to appeal to fans and possibly raise eyebrows amongst others. One for sale at cafepress.com reads, “B****, you come into my house you gonna eat my food THE WAY I F*****’ MAKE IT!” (bleeps are courtesy of TODAY Moms, the actual baby onesie really does drop the F-bomb).

Eric Swanson / Etsy

Game of Thrones your personal addiction? Etsy offers onesies reading, “The Stallion Who Mounts the World” and others that are adorned with dragons for fan-parents.

"My friend Mariah and I were a little obsessed with Games of Thrones while I was pregnant.  When I had my daughter, Mariah didn't miss a beat, and showed up at the hospital on day 2 with this onesie.  It only seemed natural that when I gave birth to my own little Khalisi, she get in on the joke," said TODAY.com contributor Merisa Fink, whose adorable baby daughter has been seen sporting the "Stallion Who Mounts the World" onesie. "I'm sure you'll catch me in a Sesame Street T-shirt soon enough.  Until she starts to talk, though, I think it's only fair that we wear my shows' swag."   

Do you think these adult-themed outfits for newborns are funny or offensive?

Dana Macario is a Seattle-area mom who’s undecided about the 50 Shades onesies, but definitely enjoyed the “iPoo’d” onesie her daughter got as a gift when she was born.


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