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After Sandy, East Coast kids need a 'Plan B' for Halloween

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, kids on the East Coast may be wondering what will happen to Halloween festivities. TODAY contributor Elizabeth Mayhew talks about what to do for your kids if it's not safe to go out trick- or-treating on Wednesday.

Kids in the Northeast have one thing to say to Hurricane Sandy: Boo on you for ruining this year’s Halloween!

In light of the destruction and loss of life caused by the storm, the loss of trick-or-treating may not seem like a big deal. Unless, of course, you're a little kid who has been planning his costume and candy haul all year, in which case it may seem like a very big deal.

Since many events will presumably be cancelled due to the post-storm mess, parents are stuck with coming up with alternative plans.  TODAY contributor and lifestyle expert Elizabeth Mayhew (watch the video above) suggests parents should give kids a “Plan B” alternative to neighborhood trick-or-treating.

The big question, says Mayhew, is whether neighborhoods have power. If not, perhaps try a trend that’s already happening around the country: Trunk or Treat.  Choose a safe area in the community where cars can gather -- a cul-de-sac or parking lot.  Then kids go from “trunk to trunk” to get candy.

If you can’t get outside, another idea is to have a scavenger hunt for kids inside your home. There’s also plenty of crafts to do, such as decorating empty cereal boxes and milk cartons, similar to a gingerbread house, with all the Halloween candy you aren't going to be passing out.

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