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Let the games begin with your cute summer athletes

Courtesy Asdis Snoots

Krista and her friend Lindsey were the torch bearers for an Olympic-themed swim team.

Courtesy Shelli Zink

Gabriella Zink, 6, is dreaming of the 2024 Olympics!

The Olympics are finally here, which means families everywhere will be cheering on all those awesome athletes on Team USA. And who doesn't remember what it's like to be a child so inspired by watching the games  that you want to try and vault the sofa, swim extra fast or pretend like you are scoring that game-winning penalty kick? For this week's edition of Your Cute Kids, TODAY Moms readers shared photos of their little summer athletes. Some, like 6-year-old Gabrielle Zink, shown above, actually have aspirations of a future Olympic run. Others are just in it for the joy of playing. Either way, we salute these mini competitors. Happy Olympics!

Courtesy Jeannie Jones

Maesyn, 4, jumps into the foam pit at her gymnastics class.

Courtesy Hailey MacDonald

Ashlyn, 9, is a gold medalist in her mom's eyes!

Courtesy Alicia Goehring

Audrey, 3, loves gymnastics!

Courtesy Heather Driggers

Madison, 10 months, gets her baseball pink on.

Courtesy Helmi Sandifer

Sisters Sydney, 7, and Karle, 6, attempt some synchronized swimming.

Courtesy Jeni Simpson

Griffin, 11, pitching for his undefeated baseball team.

Courtesy Jeni Simpson

Todd, 12, on the football field

Courtesy Melanie Beasley

Isabelle, 11, aka ''Izzy'' plays AAU basketball with the Surry Storm out of Mount Airy, N.C.

Courtesy Jeanette Ramos

Julie, 14, is an aspiring goal keeper on her travel soccer team and hopes to be the next Hope Solo.

Courtesy Ashley Shrake

Wyatt, 8, in his first year of pitching.

Courtesy Danielle Duyon

Aliannah-Rose, 1, will be watching for fist pumps these Olympic games.

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