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Rosie Pope: Why I tweeted my baby's birth


Rosie Pope gave birth to a daughter a week ago and the Twitter world followed every move as she tweeted the whole experience.

Editor's Note: Rosie Pope delivered a healthy baby girl a week ago and tweeted throughout her labor. Pope explains why she decided to be so public about her childbirth. Her tweets are included throughout this story.

By Rosie Pope

When I gave birth to my third child, Vivenne Madison Pope, last Sunday, some of you were surprised to see that I live tweeted the process.

It's the big day! 4.30am nyc time + I'm leaving for the hospital....can't believe today's the day I have my baby girl #PregInHeels

To be honest, it’s not something I would have imagined myself doing before either.

This is going to sound completely ridiculous but if you know me well, you know I am a pretty private person (apart from the reality TV thing, of course!).  However, because of what I do, there are some things I have forced myself to share because I think they are important to shed light on a situation or when I believe it really helps people.

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Let's face it, parenthood is a blessing but it can be hard and the more we can share and educate without judgment, the better. Being open about my struggles with infertility is definitely one of those parts of my life I have chosen to share. It was both well received and criticized, but I stand strong in knowing it was the right decision to try and help add to a conversation that is far too often kept secret.

I'm settled into L&D. Breaking up the wait between contractions w/ @TheEllenShow preggers dance videos.  #PregInHeels

So, when my due date neared and I began thinking of the idea of live tweeting  the birth of my daughter, I decided that if done in the correct way it was an important thing to do. On my show “Pregnant in Heels,” I help guide women through their pregnancies and into parenting and sometimes I think a too perfect picture of myself can be painted. I may seem to have all the answers when in concierge mode, but at home I am like any mother juggling the work-life balance. Like others, I’m just trying to do the best job I can and I am wrought with insecurities about how good a job I am doing.

Soo cold, having contractions not painful so no epidural.Plan to have one..anxiety growing just want healthy delivery @Bravotv #PregInHeels

I want my clients to know these feelings are normal and that as parents, we should stick together and help each other out rather than being so judgmental or in constant competition to be the uber super mom. That goes all the way back to how we get pregnant and how we give birth.

To bring it back to my birth, I, like most moms, do not give birth while having orgasms, doing squats at the same time or without my fair share of fear and anxiety. I wanted to live tweet my birth to share my real side of labor -- both the tough parts and the joy.

Woohhoo this pitocin stuff making me loopy! Fuzzy eyes + I keep thinking of cocktails+beaches...what is wrong w/ me! @Bravotv #PregInHeels

Contractions 3-5 mins a part, just spoke to my boys, they r excited +got up to say good bye to mom this morning @Bravotv #PregInHeels

Because in the end -- whether you have a team to blow out your hair and do your make-up during the process, or are wearing a couture gown, or like me are in your hospital socks and gown -- as moms we have all gone through the ups and downs of labor. It should not be judged nor should we be in competition with each other.  What’s most important is the health and well being of our baby.

I hope that opening up about my labor helped people know this.

My WATER JUST BROKE! @Bravotv #PregInHeels

And so I encourage all women to talk about both the joys and trials of milestones in parenting, because we can all learn from each other and help each other become the best parents we can be.

This is Daron: our beautiful princess is born! Baby and Rosie are doing great!!! What a miracle! @Bravotv #PregInHeels

(The last tweet was by Rosie's husband, Daron.) To read all of Rosie’s labor tweets, find her on Twitter (@RosiePope)  

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