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Mom calls cops on her bickering teens

Fed up with her bickering kids, a Salem, Mass., mom called upon the cops to arrest the oldest two, who are teens. “I want them both out of here,” she told police on Monday evening.

Granted, it’s an extreme move, but who among us has never, ever fantasized about doing it?

I’m not saying I’d ever actually act upon that fantasy, but I do feel for the woman. Maybe Monday was the final day of her children’s winter break, and she — and they — just couldn’t stand all that togetherness a minute longer.

According to the local paper, she’s a single mom with five kids. The two oldest are a girl, 16, and a boy, 15. The story gets a little murky: Were the kids fighting before she left the home to do errands, or did they start fighting while she was out?

The woman apparently did get part of her wish — her son will be summoned to court for punching his 8-year-old sister. However, the police also notified the state Department of Children and Families about what’s going on in that home.

Do you think this woman was out-of-line when she asked the cops to help her control her kids?