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These underwater babies will float your boat

Given that cute babies swimming are normally a summer phenomena, why should we care about them right now, in winter?

Because these aren’t just run-of-the-mill swimming babies.  Just check out this little sweetie with the Santa hat:

Phil Shaw / Barcroft Media via Landov


They are also not ordinary because these water babies are part of London Baby Swim, a program specifically designed for infants as young as six weeks old.

London Baby Swim director Phil Shaw has seen such a demand from new parents that in January he’s opening a new center with a pool specifically built for babies in Wandsworth, South London.  The 10,000 gallon pool will be heated to a pleasant 91.4 degrees Farenheit and features special UV lights that keep water clean and reduces the amount of chlorine, so it’s better for babies’ sensitive skin. The four foot deep water will take classes of up to eight babies at a time – all performing turns, submersions and floating techniques.

Like these star students here:

Phil Shaw / Barcroft Media via Landov


Phil Shaw / Barcroft Media /Landov

Shaw believes babies are ready to swim as soon as they exit the womb. “After nine months in a water environment means babies are perfectly prepared to swim from birth,” he says.  “Healthy babies are born with extremely sophisticated natural reflexes that protect them from any harm and are very important, as they promote their survival.”

What age did your kids learn to swim?


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