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Happy Hour Friday: The kids get creative edition

Courtesy Dena Keasler Altman

An artist at work..

Courtesy Jessica Atherton

Oh you know, just creating a new DNA structure; no big deal. Love our little scientist!

For today's Happy Hour theme, we were inspired by our post on young inventors and asked readers to share pics of their little ones in creative mode. We got mini scientists, like the son (shown above) of TODAY Mom Jessica Atherton and we got builders, such as TODAY Mom Karilee Schmeckpeper and her daughter JeAnn (shown below), not to mention a whole crew that included artists, fort-builders and pumpkin carvers. 

Courtesy Karilee Schmeckpeper

Me and my daughter JeAnn painting sticks for a wooden box that we are building. In the back ground you can see that we are also building a whole house.

Courtesy Rebecca Howell Tabor

My little guy making his pumpkin.

Courtesy David Amber Dalzell

Making a mess and using their imaginations.

Courtesy Karilee Schmeckpeper

JeAnn, Kamin and Loren in a fort they built with their furniture and mattresses

Courtesy Karin Fuentes Antigua

Mia discovers stickers for the first time.

Courtesy Anna Collins

Eddie making handprints for mamma's birthday tattoo.

Courtesy Camiele Spradlin

Busy at work making a bird feeder!


We also got some kids' actual creations, such as this drawing by Gracie Lewis.

Courtesy Wendy England Lewis

Gracie drew this at school.. left to right.. Her sister, dad and mom (me) :) Love it!

And we especially love this messy masterpiece, by Chris Thompson.

Courtesy Sarah Thomspon

My son, Chris (2 yrs), newest artwork!

Cheers to your all creative cuties and have a great weekend!