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Kid inventors find savvy solutions for small problems

What do the trampoline, earmuffs and the popsicle all have in common?

They were all created by kid inventors under the age of 18. CNBC.com's Cindy Perman shared the stories of a few other whiz kid creators on TODAY.

There’s 8-year-old Abbey Fleck, who came up with the Makin Bacon dish, after she was helping her dad make bacon in a microwave and they had run out of paper towels. Abbey scoured her house and created a rack to hang the bacon strips on – allowing the grease to drip into the attached dish.

The product, which Perman says is now sold in WalMart (right next to the microwaves!) was such a hit considering that Abbey became a millionaire by the time she was a teenager.

Most kid inventions are the result of savvy kids finding solutions for small problems. Take, Cassidy Goldstein, who was 11 when she found a clever way to deal with broken crayons. She used a plastic holder for cut roses as a crayon holder, and – voila – a product was born.  BKFK.com

For 13-year-old Hart Main, a burning question was “Why aren’t their candle scents that men would like?” Using recycled soup cans (the soup is donated to soup kitchens and hospitals), he makes Man-Cans, which come in  scents like bacon, camp fire, fresh cut grass, and dirt.

Do your kids like to make inventions? What’s the most creative thing your child has invented?

Did you know that common items – like hand warmers and crayon holders – were invented by kids under 18? CNBC's Cindy Perman shows off these clever inventions and more.