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TODAY Moms "Special Edition" Happy Hour: Redheads rule!

Courtesy Adria Sloniker

Red..and handsome! Jayden, age 11.

Ginger power! Does the world have enough redheaded babies? One major sperm bank says redheaded donors are not wanted, but TODAY Moms Facebook fans beg to differ! In a special editon of our TODAY Moms Happy Hour (where we do a virtual "Cheers!" and toast to our adorable kiddos), these proud ginger mamas show off their best redheaded cutie photos. Take that, Cryos International.

Courtesy Mary Deighan-Moran

Emily Grace dazzles in red on the beach.

Courtesy ES Photography/Bobbie Maynard

My little red Emma, 18 months, who has a fraternal twin sister who is blonde.

Courtesy Denyse Wisdom Hathaway

Brett, age 8, hanging with the penguins.

Courtesy Jen Jernigan

Kayla, 3, sporting some cute red pigtails!

Courtesy Eden Williams

Little miss London Kenadee Williams

Courtesy Danielle Smith

My redheaded boy loved his kitty. We lost him a year ago, and my son still writes essays at school about him.

Courtesy Amber Dyer

Hunter, age 3

Courtesy Marisa Cline

My sweet little redhead Grace!

Courtesy Bianca Balassiano Najm

Six years old and still as red as ever.

Courtesy Laura Hammer Freeman

Both my boys (16 years and 18 months) are "gingers"!

Courtesy Heather Kjome Buege

Here's my mini-me -- strawberry blonde!

Courtesy Angie Coe

Carrot top on the carousel!

Courtesy thepicturepeople.com/Jenni Hofschulte

This is 18 month old Lachlan "Lock-Laan"...And this pretty much sums him up... laid back, sly smile... photo credit to thepicturepeople.com

Courtesy Fawn Gendron

Amber Rose, age 9.

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