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Blackout babies are a myth, but hurricane names pack a punch

TODAY's segment on must-have baby products contained an interesting little factoid: More babies are born in August than in any other month. Wonder why -- is it just that November is kind of cold and boring, so might as well make babies?

While some parents might think about birth months before they start trying to have a baby, chances are most just start trying when the time is right for them and don't worry too much about whether they'll have the little one in January or August. (One probable exception: Anyone born on or around Dec. 25. People with Christmas birthdays tend to be pretty adamant about not conceiving in March!)

In the wake of Hurricane Irene, many are wondering whether we'll see a crop of babies born nine months from now. After all, blackouts can be romantic, right? Don't count on it. Demographic data shows that the idea of a blackout baby boom is actually a myth -- birth rates aren't affected by natural disasters like hurricanes.

But could we see a crop of baby Irenes? Possibly! Strange as it may sound, name researcher Laura Wattenberg has found that hurricane names actually get a boost in popularity, especially if the name is not super-popular already. Happened for Camille in 1969 and Alicia in 1983. Perhaps for the name Irene, any publicity is good publicity? We'll see....

Did you think about birth month when you started trying to have a baby? Would you ever use a hurricane name for a baby? Discuss in the comments! And whenever you have your baby, check out this video for some useful products -- and click this link for more information about the products.

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