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Beyonce's in-your-face baby reveal

Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

Beyonce looks a wee bit happy after announcing her pregnancy on the MTV VMA show.

By now you've probably heard the big celeb baby news over the weekend: Beyonce and Jay-Z are preggers and she announced it on the MTV VMA show!

Everyone's a buzz at how Queen B let the world know: After performing her song "Love on Top," she unbuttoned her purple sequined Dolce and Gabbana tuxedo jacket and delightedly rubbed her baby bump. The camera then cut to an elated Jay-Z (and pal Kanye West) cheering from backstage.

That Beyonce did it while wearing her signature super-duper high heels is one thing. (Although, we would argue that she's so used to wearing them, she could probably play a tennis match in her Louboutins. And it's not like her bump is far along enough to make her clumsy or unbalanced.)

We were more impressed by the fact that she had the energy to do the performance (hmmm, maybe a hint she has got that second trimester boost?) and the in-your-face way she revealed it. One report said that afterwards, when being congraulated by well-wishers backstage, Beyonce said "I'm free!...We're all free!" 

Aww, she couldn't wait to tell the news.

Did you do anything special to reveal your pregnancy?