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Mom accused of stalking Little League coach who cut son

Some parents take their kids' extracurricular activities a little too seriously. And some take them way, way, WAY too seriously.

Police say Long Island, N.Y. mom Janet Chiauzzi stalked, threatened and harassed her son's baseball coach, even falsely accusing him of being a child molester, all because her son didn't make the team's travel squad.

Wow. Just yesterday TODAY Moms had several posts about the bad things that can happen when parents refuse to let their children fail, at anything, ever. This would be an extreme example, don't you think?

Chiauzzi was charged with stalking, falsely reporting an incident, endangering the welfare of a child and aggravated harassment.

Her poor son. Now not making the baseball team is the least of his worries, I suppose.

If the allegations against Chiauzzi turn out to be true, it's clearly another example of a mom gone bad. But perhaps the reason this case is making headlines around the world is that it taps into many parents' secret revenge fantasies against those who have "wronged" our children. Sure, we'd never do anything like this -- well, most of us wouldn't -- but haven't many peaceful, law-abiding parents, at some point, allowed themselves to imagine making some really bad decisions in response to something that hurt their child's feelings?

Share your thoughts in the comments. And just in case you need help NOT going down that road from fan to felon, check out Wendy Mogel's "12-step program" for parents who need to take a step back from their children's lives.

Janet Chiauzzi of East Meadow, N.Y., was charged with second-degree stalking after she allegedly sent threatening letters to her son's Little League coach after he did not make the team. NBC's Peter Alexander reports.