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Pink's in trouble over newborn outing

Pink welcomed her new daughter Willow Sage less than a week ago, but she’s already finding out what it feels like to have her parenting questioned – a rite of passage for any new mom, it seems!
The ‘Raise Your Glass’ singer and her husband Carey Hart were snapped taking baby Willow – who was tucked in a baby carrier with dad – on a trip to the beach yesterday, and it didn’t take long for everyone to start weighing in on whether or not it was too soon for the newborn to be out of the house.

“PINK! Not good! The baby is WAY too little to take her the beach" writes one US reader.

“Ok, I like Pink and all, but why would you take a newborn to the beach????? After having my kids I didn’t take them anywhere for like 3 weeks!!!!” agrees one mom.

“What’s wrong with some of you people? New mothers don’t become hermits after having a baby. There’s nothing wrong with taking their baby out for a stroll,” counters another.

Personally, I’ve never been one to sit around at home with my babies. I was taking my first out after about a week, as soon as I felt confident that I could walk 10 feet without my insides dropping out of me. And we took our second daughter to a bbq at a friend’s house when she was 5 days old. Looking back, it does seem a little soon, but at the time I felt like I was going crazy being cooped up at home with a newborn and a preschooler.
(Pink is also facing some online criticism for her post-baby body… despite the fact that she only had her baby 5 days ago. We’ll discuss that one in a post tomorrow, to be titled something along the lines of, “Are you freaking kidding me?!”)
Meanwhile, the happy mom is already busy planning A-list playdates for her little one. Earlier this week she Tweeted actress Alyssa Milano, who is also expecting her first baby: “@Alyssa_Milano enjoy this miracle, woman. I’m so excited for you. playdates are as fun to plan as bbq’s used to be. hahaha.”
When did you first leave the house with your newborn? Did you ever get in trouble for taking your baby out “too soon?”

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