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Breaking the taboo: Do you ever dislike your child?

One mom's essay about how she disliked her first daughter, ever since birth, continues to make waves. TODAY will be covering the reaction to the essay this week -- and our readers have a lot to say about it.

June 9 UPDATE: The mom who wrote the essay appeared on TODAY this morning to tell her side of the story. What do you think? Read more below.

Following the controversial Redbook magazine article in which an anonymous mother admits to struggling to accept her own daughter, the publication's editor-in-chief, Jill Herzig, and psychiatrist Janet Taylor discuss why the story struck a chord with many parents.


Some TODAY Moms readers praise "Jennifer Rabiner" (she used a fake name for the essay) for her honesty and others slam her seemingly cold-hearted approach to motherhood. Rabiner wrote about how her daughter failed to live up to her expectations, first as a "skinny and weak" infant and later as a shy, socially awkward child. Click here to read our original post, and click here to read Rabiner's full essay.

Clearly, Rabiner is hitting a nerve. Not liking your own kids or having a "favorite" is a taboo subject, even though many moms feel moments of dislike for their progeny. To be fair, there's a world of difference between a flash of dislike when your child does something obnoxious, and a fundamental dislike for your child's personality -- which seems to be Rabiner's issue. Do you always like your children? Vote in our poll.

Here are a few of the hundreds of comments we got on our blog and our Facebook page:

Heather Jason Chalmers: Candid for sure, being a mom is hard and it makes us face our own insecurities through our children. Her honesty should be applauded!

Ashley Stewart: So because she is honest she should be applauded? I think she should be ashamed. Ashamed for putting so much of her OWN emotional issues on the shoulders of a child.

Kristin Feller: She is no Mother... She doesn't deserve that title. I have a non-verbal Autistic child. With every positive emotion or small phrase she makes I jump for joy! She knows she is loved, and always has been loved! This woman is a monster.

Chalise Rene Bondurant: I'd say she needs a good dose of unconditional love and acceptance, first for herself, then for her child.

TODAY Moms wants to know, whether you admire Rabiner's honesty or think she's just a terrible person -- do you always like your children?

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