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Just don't call me Grandma! What to call the modern granny?

They're gorgeous, they're glamorous, they're grandmothers -- just don't call them that.

A new generation of baby-boomer grannies is playing the name game in an attempt to escape the gray-haired, rocking-chair-bound stereotypes of the word "grandma."

Goldie Hawn goes by Glam-ma. Blythe Danner's grandchildren call her Lalo. And Priscilla Presley went back to her Italian roots with Nona.

What about you? Are you a proud "grandma," or do you have another name? If you're not yet a grandmother, what do you want to be called when the time comes? Vote in our poll!

And if you know an age-defying grandma, tell us about her -- and her name -- in our comments.