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Prom style showdown: Moms versus daughters

All around the country young girls are trying to find the perfect prom dress. But sometimes what they want doesn't meet mom's approval or budget. Two experts offer shopping advice sure to satisfy both parties.

Last week, TODAY talked about the dangers of prom season, such as drinking and driving.

But what about the other dangers: Like, will mom and daughter survive prom dress shopping without clawing each other's eyes out?

Moms might be thinking "Grace Kelly" -- something long and classy, preferably with a turtleneck (OK, maybe that's more Dad's hope). Their daughters, meanwhile, might be taking their style inspiration from Rihanna or Lady Gaga, and dreaming of thigh-high leather, cutouts and bling. How to compromise?

One good piece of expert advice: Have the prom-dress style conversation before you pull into the mall parking lot, to avoid ugly scenes in the dressing room.

What about you: Moms of teens, has prom-dress shopping been fun or frustrating?