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Bully moms: Do you know one?

We hear a lot about kids bullying other kids. But there's another sort of menace on the playground: the Bully Mom.

You probably know her type: She's always got a juicy rumor to share about another mom. She's the one who made you feel bad because you couldn't breast-feed.... or labeled you the "boob Nazi" because you dared to nurse in public. You may have a regular group of moms in your playdate, but she's always "forgetting" to invite certain women.

Psychiatrist and TODAY contributor Gail Saltz, mom to three daughters, says that anytime there's power to be had, there's bullying. Being picked on or excluded can easily awaken your inner child -- and it hurts, no matter how old you are.

The best way to stop it? Call it out, Saltz says: Tell the bully, I see what you're doing, and it's not OK. Let's not do that. It might be hard, but if we want to create a bully-free world for our kids, the change begins with us.

Share your thoughts: Have you ever been bullied by one of these "monsters in minivans"? How did you deal with it?