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Maya Rudolph on the job you can do better than anyone else

Sorry, Tina Fey, Maya Rudolph might be our new Mom Crush.

Maya visited TODAY to talk about her new movie, Bridesmaids, and TODAY.com's Katie Quinn caught up with her backstage to chat about being a mom. She's got two daughters, ages 5 and 1, and is expecting a third baby this summer. We love her take on getting kids to accept a new sibling: "It's all about bribery." And home life sounds pretty hilarious (imagine two mini-Mayas): "Lately there's been a lot of dance parties going on... I get a lot of shows in my house, a lot of hats involved."

But it's her parenting philosophy that really got us aboard the love train:

"You're always going to make mistakes, constantly, and beat yourself up about it, and the one thing you have to remember is that the thing you can do better than anyone else is love your children, because they're your children. So you just have to remember to give yourself a little bit of a break sometimes."

Amen to that. (And just kidding, Tina! Call me!)

For more awesomeness, check out Maya and Tina singing a sweet-turned-bawdy duet on SNL last weekend:

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