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Does push-up bikini for little girls cross the line?

Abercrombie & Fitch is selling a push-up bikini top to young girls at its kids' stores -- target market ages 7 to 14.

The "Ashley" bikini boasts a padded top -- first described on the retailer's web site as a "push-up triangle." The wording has been changed to "striped triangle," but the top is still for sale.

Watch video: Retailer gets pushback over push-up bikini for kiddies

Unsurprisingly, plenty of parents -- and non-parents -- are outraged. "The push-up bra is, effectively, a sex tool designed to push the breasts up and out, putting them front and center where they're most accessible to the eye (and everything else). How is this OK for a second grader?" one parent wrote on Babble.com.

What do you think? Does this push-up bikini for little girls go too far?