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Have you talked to your kids about the disaster in Japan?

When disaster strikes, as it did with the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, how do you talk to your kids about it? How do you explain the images of devastation? Or do you stay quiet and try to shield them from the news?

Your answers, of course, will depend on your child's age and personality. And their fear level may depend on whether you live in an earthquake-prone area. In general, experts say, take your cues from your child: Listen to their questions and answer them, but don't go into too much detail about scary events. You can also include a hopeful note by telling them about how people around the world are helping the victims of the earthquake.

Vote in our poll, and tell us in the comments: How old are your kids, and what have you told them about the earthquake and tsunami?

For more information on how to help victims of the Japan quake, click here.

Have you talked to your kids about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan?