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Oops! Toddler drops, dents dad's "King's Speech" Oscar statuette

On the list of things not to give your 15-month-old: Scissors, coffee... and your Oscar statuette.

Proud papa and Oscar winner Simon Egan, co-producer of "The Kings's Speech," learned that lesson the hard way. Someone thought it would be cute to take a photograph of his toddler daughter, Lara, clutching his newly won Oscar. And indeed it was adorable, until the moment it slipped out of her grasp and clattered onto the concrete patio.

Oops! Toddler drops "King's Speech" Oscar. Video from Yahoo!7 News.

"I saw that horrific moment where the statue just fell and it didn't fall on the grass – it fell on the concrete," Egan told the Telegraph newspaper. "The horror was evident on everyone's face ... It is a thing of beauty and my daughter had destroyed it, albeit unwittingly. We were all terrified."

His Oscar was banged up in several places. Happily, the Academy folks are experienced with this type of catastrophe. They have a sort of "Oscar Hospital," where Egan's trophy was taken for repair and he was given a sparkling new one. And we're guessing this one won't be passed around the day-care center.