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Laugh, and the world laughs with you... especially if you're a baby

Who can resist a laughing baby? Not TODAY, that's for sure. And not the 5-million-plus people who've watched little Micah McArthur cackle with glee on video as his dad, Marcus, ripped up a job rejection in front of the 10-month-old.

The baby and parents from the recent laughing baby internet video sensation, Marcus, Amanda, and Micah McArthur, visit the TODAY studio.

Babies laughing at ripping paper is a popular theme for YouTube videos. In fact, there's even a compilation video: "Paper Ripping Causes Baby Laughter in Mass Volume."

This was actually the first video Marcus McArthur had ever posted on YouTube. (And, he notes, if he'd known it was going to be so huge he would have changed Micah out of his pink onesie before filming!) He's been looking for work, and Micah's giggles at yet another job rejection letter raised his spirits, he said.

That's one great thing about kids -- no matter how down you are, they can do something random and unexpected that just makes you laugh. What do your kids do that cheers you up?