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Charlie Sheen, rock star from Mars or father in pain?

Is it just me or did Mr. Tiger Blood, Adonis DNA, Rock Star from Mars Charlie Sheen seem strangely... human, almost sympathetic, as he talked this morning about his sons being taken into protective custody by police?

Charlie Sheen tells NBC's Jeff Rossen that he doesn't know where his 2-year-old twin sons are after his ex-wife had them removed from his home.

Despite his antics over the past few days -- and, it must be noted, a history of domestic violence allegations -- it's hard not to feel for the guy when he says plaintively, "I don't know where my children are." Props to him for making sure the boys went off in their car seats, too.

(Of course, if the answer to "where are the children?" is "with Charlie Sheen and his two goddesses," perhaps the unknown alternative isn't so bad.)

Media analyst Steve Adubato seemed flabbergasted by sober-and-sane Charlie as well, telling Meredith Vieira, "I just saw a father in pain. .. He seemed very clear that those children, those boys, were his priority."

Media Analyst Steve Adubato says he was expecting another out-of-control, crazy interview, but saw a "father in pain" who seemed "focused," "speaking from a genuine, human place."

Perhaps this will be a turning point for the troubled star?

His twin boys, Bob and Max, are nearly 2. Wherever they are, hopefully someone -- a nanny, a parent, a grandparent, a court-appointed guardian -- is giving them the loving care they deserve.

What do you think of the latest chapter in this saga?

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