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Alisyn Camerota: Why I'm speaking out about my struggle with infertility

"I really kept it secret. So many women do," FOX News anchor Alisyn Camerota says. Now she explains, in her own words, why she's speaking out about her struggle with infertility.

By Alisyn Camerota, "FOX & Friends" anchor

Why would I want to go on national television and talk about something as personal as infertility? Believe me, I wasn't always this open about it. I kept the secret from most everyone in my life: my coworkers, relatives, my best friends, my parents. I was afraid if I told anyone they would turn into clock-watchers, forever asking if I was pregnant yet.

Alisyn Camerota of "Fox and Friends" tried in vain for years to have a child. She tells Ann Curry that the experience made her determined to help other women struggling with the issue.

But even in the midst of my ordeal, I vowed that if I were ever on the other side of infertility, I would do whatever I could to help those still struggling -- hence why I'm here today. Still, I understand that people are squeamish about phrases like "sperm count." But it's vital that those of us who can talk about it, do.

Infertility has long been a taboo subject, which has only served to make those who suffer from it feel more embarrassed and isolated. And the silence has serious consequences: Doctors dismiss infertility more easily than other diseases, insurance companies feel they don't have to cover it and it certainly doesn't get the funding for research that other diseases do. Nowhere close.

So now I talk -- and do whatever I can to raise awareness and to encourage anyone struggling to find a support group so that they can share their struggle with others who can relate. To find the closest group to you, go to Resolve.org. You don't have to feel alone.

TODAY Moms, have you struggled with infertility? Did it help to talk to other people about it?