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Crib notes: Is your child a daydream believer?

Does your child tend to daydream and have trouble paying attention? While it can be maddening for a parent, it might not actually be a bad thing for your kid. New studies are showing that people who struggle to focus and are more easily distracted are often more "creative achievers."  

Co-ed bathing dilemmas. While it sounds like something for college undergrads to ponder, it's actually a topic that many parents must face as they decide when they should stop bathing with their child of the opposite gender. Just exactly when does it go from being sweet to being uncomfortable?

Where do childhood pranks end and where does bullying begin? One nine-year-old was recently suspended for placing a "kick me" sign on another student's back. Certainly not the kindest thing, but is it really malicious enough to be considered bullying? The principal said the incident was classified as an ‘infraction A37′ (talk about begging for someone to put a "kick me" sign on your back...). 

The more parents hear about today's youth comprising the "meanest generation," and about kids' high expectations (and low gratitude) when it comes to receiving stuff, the more parents want to adjust those attitudes. Some say that involving your children in age-appropriate philanthropy early on (we're talking about donating toys here, not attending black-tie galas) helps instill values in children about community and giving back.

Do you routinely have nightmares about the circumcision performed on you when you were a newborn? Do you believe that hospitals push parents toward circumcision primarily so they can sell your son's foreskin to cosmetics companies for a profit? Do you believe it should be a man's right to choose? If so, then you may be an Intactivist. While nearly 80 percent of American males have been circumcised, there is an increasingly vocal opposition to the custom. One mom outlines her reasons for bucking cultural tradition and explains why her Jewish son didn't have a bris.