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Crib notes: Sleep v. sex, crazy parent texts and ads in schools

Two-thirds of moms surveyed would rather sleep than have sex. Sad? Yes. Surprising? No. Maybe this could be the new campaign against teen pregnancy. Teens could be lent out to new parents to handle the night-time care of babies while parents get some much needed sleep. Then, the nookie could be left to those who should be having it and teenagers will be too tired to even think about it.

On second thought, maybe not. A new study shows that teenagers who attempted suicide were more likely to have suffered from sleep disorders. Clearly, we all just need to catch more Z's.

Sick kid? Chances are antibiotics won't help. Colds, sore throats and the flu are viral infections and aren't treated by antibiotics. In fact, over time they can do more harm than good as over-exposure to the drugs can lead to antibiotic resistance, putting us more at risk for encountering an infection that can't be treated with antibiotics. So, heat up a nice cup of lemon tea, snuggle up with your little one, throw out your "screen time" limits and have a movie marathon together while they rest their way to health.

Much of the Northeast has been hit with yet another Snowmageddon, and parents are left struggling to keep the kiddos entertained and also wondering what to do with a foot and a half of snow. You might want to give a "snow cream" a try. What could be more fun for a kid than scooping dessert out of the yard? Just remember to warn them about the yellow snow.

Back in the '80s sitcoms would capitalize on the darling catchphrases uttered by wee toddlers. Today, we use the internet to exploit the hilarious antics of parents. Crazy Things Parents Text is the latest site to join the craze. Whether you want to feel you're not alone or want a bit of reassurance that you're savvier than your parental counterparts, it's worth a gander.

Morgan Spurlock (the star and director of "Supersize Me") is back and this time he's taking on product placements in the movies with his new film, "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold." Part of the movie tackles the subject of corporations advertising to kids in school (where they're a captive audience) and how schools are selling advertising rights in order to make ends meet. Given his past performance, we're hoping to be educated, entertained and disturbed all at the same time.