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Meet the mom who never forgets... ever

Marilu Henner, “Taxi” actress turned book author, can remember the exact days of her two teen-aged sons’ first smiles, their first steps, even their first tummyaches – and she doesn’t need to look in their baby books. She has “superior autobiographical memory,” a very rare ability to remember literally every day of her life, she told Meredith Vieira on TODAY. Scientists have identified only a few people in the world who have it.

She talks to TODAY producer and TODAY’s Moms author Mary Ann Zoellner about her son’s first stomach ache (Tuesday, July 26, 1994), her childbirth experience (she loved it), and her advice for avoiding the dreaded “mommy brain” (hydrate!).

Of course, memory this perfect is a blessing and a curse. She remembers all the good times in focus, but she also recalls every argument, every skinned knee, every “mean mommy” moment that most of us would prefer to forget. What are you trying to remember about motherhood… and what would you prefer to forget?