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Natalie Morales' parenting resolutions for the new year

In addition to being a TODAY Show host extraordinaire, Natalie Morales is also mom to two sons. We asked for her 2011 parenting resolutions -- and here they are, her Top 10. We could all use more of No. 1, right?

Potty-training a toddler in 2011... wish her luck!

My parenting new year's resolutions

By Natalie Morales

10) Travel with my kids more and introduce them to new languages, cultures, foods

 9) Finally organize my photos and put them in albums. I'm good at downloading, but not so much at the rest.

 8) Get my oldest son to start helping out around the house more; like making his bed.

 7) Potty-training my 2-1/2 year old... Can't wait till he's out of diapers.

 6) Getting my kids to eat more vegetables and not be so picky!

 5) Getting a little more free time to take care of myself too!

4) Making it on time more often to pick up my son from school

3) Being more organized in all things but especially in keeping track of events/play dates, things that involve my kids

 2) Being a better mother, wife, companion, friend

 1) Loving more, complaining less!