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Crib notes: Outdoor naps, shower etiquette and birth altars

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Would you leave your baby sleeping in a stroller outside while you popped into a store to shop? In Denmark they do!

By Dana Macario, TODAY Moms Contributor

Ever since we found out they're the happiest people on earth, we're intrigued with everything Scandinavians do.  We drool over Stokke products and wouldn't trust our babies to anything but a Bjorn but leaving sleeping babies outside in their stroller while we shop?  Like Lutefisk, that one just might not translate.

Didn't I just go to a shower for her last kid?   What is the etiquette for showers for baby No. 2?  It seems that everyone has a different opinion on whether it's appropriate to have second- and third-baby showers:  Never.  Only if it's a different gender. Only if seven years have elapsed since the previous shower. (How did they arrive at 7 years being the appropriate cut off?  Random.)

A recent study showed that some formulas bring on the thunder thighs more than others.  After this, would anyone be surprised to find Baby Slim Fast on store shelves within the year?

Have enough energy to contemplate bettering yourself in the new year?  Babble.com has the top 25 New Year's resolutions for parents.  What we'd really like are kids who resolve to sleep through the night in 2011.

A birth altar?  Where do these trends come from?  Talk about a bunch of kids starting out thinking they're the Second Coming.