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Crib notes: Mommy Wars, boozy teens and Boy Scouts

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Toast with your teen?

By Dana Macario, TODAY Moms Contributor

Maybe it's  time for women to wave the white flag. One woman blames our insecurities for the Mommy Wars.  Are we all just trying to squelch our own self-doubt over our parenting skills by criticizing everyone else's?  Seriously though, did you see the lunch she packed for her kids?  Unreal.

Many a Public Service Announcement has warned about the dangers of underage drinking but should parents allow their teens an occasional sip of alcohol?  Irresponsible parenting or avoiding "forbidden fruit syndrome"?

Milk, it really does do a body good.  Researchers at Harvard say that drinking milk can help prevent type 2 diabetes.  We wonder if the milk in our latte counts; we're desperate for any reason to justify that daily expense.

Are drop-side cribs being unfairly maligned while infant car seats are getting off scot-free?  The folks over at CafeMom.com argue that infant car seats are responsible for significantly more deaths than the recently-banned cribs and should be banned as well. Sounds crazy, but... they might have a point.

Are expectant moms taking the Boy Scouts motto, "Be Prepared," too much to heart?  One woman worries that well-intentioned family members are "over-preparing" her for her soon-to-be bundle of joy.  We think she'll do just fine but probably should set up some of that gear ahead of time. The chances of having  the brain capacity necessary to follow the swing's assembly instructions when your baby's bawling are unlikely.  You want that thing ready to go for the first inexplicable crying fit.