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Crib notes: Texts, tweets, and 'maternal ambivalence'

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By Dana Macario, TODAY Moms Contributor

If you're able to access the Internet (and since you're reading this, we know you are), then you probably know what LOL and LMAO mean. What about idk or CD9? Now there's a website that helps parents decode the shorthand texts their teens are sending.

Too much information.  One mom in the U.K. recently sent 104 tweets during her labor and delivery. Honestly, we're OK with a simple phone call after the baby is born.

If you live in California and your child gets convicted of a gang crime, you're gonna get schooled.  A new law allows judges the option of assigning mandatory training classes to the parents of minors who commit gang-related crimes.

Eh, OK -  When mommy's just not that into baby.  A new book, "The Monster Within," by Dr. Barbara Almond, addresses the fact that maternal instinct is sometimes replaced by "maternal ambivalence."

Aah, the delicate dance of disciplining another person's child.  One new mom is giving the practice the green light. We don't know whether to applaud her or pity her because, what's that they say about payback?

Are you the class parent and can't figure out what to get the teacher this holiday?  Our friends at momlogic.com have a great and simple idea for you.