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A lie detector for kids, really?

Miriam Arond from Good Housekeeping visited TODAY this morning to present the winners of this year's Best Toy Awards: 24 cool toys chosen by a discerning panel of 98 kids, age 4-16, and tested for quality and safety by the Good Housekeeping Research Institute. They all seem like great toys, but one of the picks certainly stands out as ... interesting. Check it out.

A lie detector for kids? The toy is recommended for ages 6 and up; developmentally, most children learn to lie by around age 4 (and it is an important developmental phase -- honest). Certainly a lie detector would be a fascinating toy for kids who are exploring the big concepts of truth and falsehood, not to mention an excellent tool for interrogating little brothers about how all of Barbie's hair got chopped off.

But what if kids end up using the lie detector "toy," which the experts at Good Housekeeping say is pretty accurate, to outwit their parents? Will we end up teaching them to be better liars? Little super-spies? Hmmm... could be dangerous.

What do you think -- would you get your child a lie detector? And beyond these picks, what are your favorite toy gifts this holiday season? (Love that guitar T-shirt!)