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Holiday shopping: Are you going big, or scaling back?

Now that the holiday shopping season has officially begun, what’s your shopping strategy? Did you wake up at 4 a.m. on Friday to score bargains, are you going online today for “Cyber Monday” deals,  or are you one of those amazingly organized people who finished their Christmas shopping last August?

Or – and here’s another option to ponder – are you trying to cut back on your holiday shopping this year, either to save money or simply because you don’t want to overwhelm your children with a ton of presents?

The TODAY Show reports that Cyber Monday, as today is known in the retail world, is expected to set sales records as more shoppers turn online (beats fighting crowds at the mall).

Here are some cute shopping sites to check out, suggested by the editors of Lucky magazine.

If you do brave the mall with your kids, here's an interesting post on how to turn the holiday madness into a teaching moment about good manners.

For a different take, The New York Times’ Motherlode blog has a great piece on how to give your children experiences, not just presents.

What’s your holiday shopping philosophy? Are you going big, or scaling back this year -- and why?