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Energetic fetus throws dance party in mom's womb

People are freaking out online over this video of a VERY active unborn baby moving around in his mom’s womb.

“It looks like a scene from the sci-fi horror film Alien,” the Daily Mail of London hyperventilates, “…as the baby moves his hands and legs around the womb in an apparent attempt to get out.”

Sigh – calm down, folks. It’s not science fiction, it’s pregnancy. The baby is not trying to get out. He or she is quite comfy – although the same might not be said for the mother.

(Rita Rudner famously said she thought that life was tough enough without having someone kick you from the inside.)

It’s true the video is a pretty extreme example of a rockin’ fetus dance party. Here’s a funny blog post from Sally Wilson, whose unborn child apparently really digs “America’s Most Wanted” (future crime fighter?). And below are a couple YouTube videos of pregnant bellies moving around (a very popular YouTube subject, as it turns out).

What made your baby dance around in utero? And if your baby was active in the womb, did he or she turn out to be a high-energy child?