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Allergic teen's mom wants to ban perfume in school

First peanuts, now Axe body spray?

The mother of an allergic teen in Indiana is suing her son's school district to try to force his high school to ban perfume and body sprays, which she says can trigger a life-threatening allergic reaction in her son.

Many elementary school districts have banned peanut butter from the lunchrooms in order to protect children with severe peanut allergies.
It's unclear whether the 17-year-old Indiana boy is truly allergic to perfumes, or if they simply irritate his asthma. Regardless, Janice Zandi's lawsuit has the potential to broaden the responsibility of school districts to respond to students' allergies.

According to court documents, ABCNews.com reported, the school's principal told the mother in the case that all she could do was ask students to limit their in-school use of perfume and cologne sprays, and allegedly said that the boy "just has bad genes."

What do you think? With all the different allergies out there today, how should schools respond? Is a ban the answer?

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