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Fear the fare: The unappetizing truth about food court health violations

Tim Boyle / Getty Images file

It might seem like we pick on fast food here at TODAY Moms an awful lot. It’s an easy target, we’ll admit. And with statistics about childhood obesity the way they are, it’s hard to feel too guilty about pointing the finger at ubiquitous fast food chains that have a stranglehold on our children’s imagination, thanks to tireless commercial saturation. But let’s be honest; when you’re out at the mall with your kids in tow, it can sometimes be difficult to say no to the food court. What could be the harm every once in a while, right?

Well, TODAY published a story this morning that might give even die-hard food court fans pause. An in-depth investigation revealed a pattern of serious health violations among certain vendors. You may want to think twice before you let your kids eat food court fare.

Does your family regularly eat in food courts? Have you ever gotten sick as a result? Watch the video (and be warned … there are some unappetizing parts), and share your stories in the comment section.

From roaches and mouse droppings to bacteria and decay, NBC's Jeff Rossen and his hidden-camera investigation expose grotesque filth at food courts across the country.