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Keep your filthy paws off my baby, please!

As cold and flu season arrives in earnest, have you been looking for a polite, or at least passive-aggressive, way to tell people to keep their filthy, diseased, germ-ridden hands away from your precious baby?

If so, search no more! The folks at My Tiny Hands have created a sign to hang on your child’s stroller that says “Please wash your hands before touching mine.” The signs sell for $7.95 and come in red, blue and pink. (Pink is currently sold out, which is interesting – wonder if people are more protective of girl babies?)

The signs were created by a first-time mom (shocker!) who wanted to stop, or at least slow down, well-meaning friends and strangers who reached in to touch her baby. Satisfied customers say it’s a great way to protect babies from viruses without constantly bugging people to wash their hands.

What do you think? No one wants their baby to get sick -- is a cutesy stroller sign a brilliant idea, or overkill?