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Are you a matchy-matchy Halloween family?

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By Rita Arens for BlogHer.com

It's that time of year again. The time for matchy-matchy family Halloween theme costumes.

My personal opinion? Not for me. Like matching Christmas sweaters or matching silk bowling jackets, I reserve theme family Halloween costumes for the not-touching-me-in-this-lifetime category.

I bring baggage to the table. Full disclosure: As a child I did in fact wear matching dresses with my sister on more than one occasion, and I spent three days a week in high school in a cheerleading uniform matching my fellow crowd wranglers down to our little white socks. Then I went to college and joined a sorority and went through the experience that is sorority rush, and boy, with all the matching of the t-shirts and the perfectly unraveled cut-offs and Birkenstocks, I think I have experienced enough matchy-matchy for several decades to follow. Maybe, just maybe, I'm tired of matching PERIOD.

What do you think? Do you wear a Halloween costume? Do you match your costume to your spouse/partner/friends/kids?

Are you Ginger to your daughter's Mary Ann? Captain Hook to your husband's Peter Pan? The Swiss Family Robinson? If you do and want to fly your family theme flag, tell me in the comments. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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