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Dealing with the nanny dynamic

For most parents, the notion of employing a nanny to look after their children is a complete luxury. For working mothers, nannies can be a godsend, taking care of myriad child-rearing tasks – from diaper changing through school pickups – allowing parents to resume and maintain demanding work schedules. But for many, the relationship between mother and nanny can be a complex one. At what point does the bond between a child and a very hands-on nanny start to rival or even eclipse the bond between that child and the mother? A recent article in Salon -- Is my nanny a better mother than I am? -- deals with this very scenario, and emotional intricacies involved are numerous and complicated.

Parents, how would you describe your relationship with your own nannies? Have you ever had second thoughts about employing a nanny? Has the addition of a nanny in your household proved to be a positive thing? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.