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'Mom, stop blogging about me!'

Susannah Breslin from CNN’s blog The Frisky posted a compelling article today that strongly speaks to the TODAY Moms community. Using Heather Armstrong of celebrated mommy blog Dooce.com as a primary example, Breslin posed an interesting question that every blogging parent will have to grapple with at one point or another: Should bloggers be able to post about their kids without their kids’ permission?

Dooce.com is an interesting example, being that Heather Armstrong is both a preeminent, financially successful blogger and renowned for her relatively no-holds-barred approach to documenting her family life. In an age when many parenting bloggers are struggling to retain a modicum of privacy, Armstrong apparently has no problems sharing for one and all. But her super-candid style has evidently ruffled feathers within her own flock.

What’s your take? Do you think there should come a point when parents have to ask for their children’s consent before blogging about them? Have your kids ever expressed reticence or discomfort at the thought of you blogging about them? Would you stop if they asked you? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.