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Who chooses what clothes your tot wears?

In regards to her daughter Shiloh’s tomboyish sartorial style, ubiquitous celebrity mom Angelina Jolie was quoted as saying that Shiloh was “a very strong willed four-year-old girl who tells me what she wants to wear and I let her be who she is.” As such, little Jolie-Pitt is often spotted wearing polo shirts and pants instead girlier gear like skirts and dresses.

While it’s a pretty safe assertion that life in Angelina’s household is a long way from conventional, do you agree with the "Salt" star when she says that she has no choice or say in the matter of her children's wardrobe? Moms, do you let your young children pick out their own clothese? What is that child wants to dress in a manner not normally associated with their gender? How do you handle it? Let us know in the comments section below.