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Yes, he is my son: Overcoming the challenges of raising biracial kids

From writer and editor of EuphoriaLuv.com, Nikki Cupido

Since the birth of my son I've started looking forward to Mother's Day with a mixture of excitement and apprehension. Mother’s Day has always been about celebrating and honoring that special status given to a woman once she's taken on the title "mother." But as a mother of a biracial child sometimes wearing the "mother" title has been a challenge. 

Despite being one of the thousands of interracial families within the U.S., I still have to deal with questions, comments, stares and misunderstandings. The common question of, "Is that your baby?" stirs up such a range of emotions and reactions for both sides. Many people just don't understand what a black woman is doing with an Asian-looking child, much less claiming him as her own.

While it's natural to me that my son will have features that highlight his mixed Korean and black heritage, for some people it's an oddity, something to comment on. One woman felt the need to ask me, "Has anyone ever told you he looks like he's Chinese?" Other people feel the need to say, "He looks exactly like his dad," when they've never seen my son's father. Each question/comment challenges my right to the title of "mother" to my son.

As I watch my son grow I wonder if he will constantly have to explain why he looks different, or why he has a black mother, but doesn’t look black. Will anyone know what he means when he tells them he's "blasian?"

It was this concern that inspired me to broaden awareness of my community of asian and black families by starting a website and blog. I feel more awareness is needed for black mothers with blasian children so we won't be considered something rare and exotic. I'm just like any other mother who worries about her child, who wants the best for him and looks forward to that special day when I'm celebrated for having the title of "mother."

I hope as awareness for mixed-race families spreads, the challenges facing mothers of biracial children will become less a struggle and more a celebration of the differences that make us all special and unique.

Nikki Cupido is the founder and editor of EuphoriaLuv.com an online community for black and Asian families.

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